Inheritance Tax: Can you afford not to plan?

Inheritance Tax planning is dictated by more than one event.

Benefits of tax planning: Safeguard your future

With house prices increasing, even a modest house is falling into the inheritance tax net. Death is one situation where inheritance tax is looked into, however other changes may force us to review financial strategies such as redundancy, inheritance or divorce.

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What’s involved

Planning for inheritance tax in advance ensures lifetime gifts, allowances and claims can be maximised. Assets can be passed on to future generations in the most tax efficient way. Planning is especially essential for deemed domiciled persons, broadly speaking those who have been resident in the UK for 17 out of the last 20 years.

How our associates Eastmans Chambers can assist you

  • Eastmans Chambers are barristers based in Reading.

  • They have over 35 years experience dealing with tax and legal issues in many jurisdictions including the UK, North America, Far East and the Middle East.

  • In respect of inheritance tax, they can advise on all aspects of inheritance tax including preparing a will, probate and power of attorneys.

  • They can also assist on the legal issues of inheritance tax such as challenging wills and inheritance claims.

  • Eastmans Chamber can be contacted on 0118 966 1082.

  • They can be instructed through the direct access scheme, where members of the public can contact them directly without the need for a solicitor.

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Our solutions for businesses and individuals

Our aim is to pro-actively work with you to reduce your tax bill legally, increase profitablity and increase the value of your business. Our motto is we work for you, as opposed to HMRC. We cater for all from situations where you require an outsourced finance director to where you require someone to provide ad hoc services.

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