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Company secretarial

Businesses have a statutory obligation to comply with Companies Act.

What’s involved

Ensuring entity compliance is unrewarding especially with ever changing compliance. This can include maintaining the company’s statutory records, preparing annual return, preparing minutes and resolutions to fulfil end of year compliance and notifiying Companies House on changes in the  company’s officers.

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Ensuring entity compliance: keeping on top

Many directors underestimate the administration, disclosures and filing requirements of Companies Act 2006. Getting a professional to keep you compliant would provide you assurance that your company is accurately compliant,  freeing up your valuable time running your business.

How Avery Clifton can assist you

  • Advising and assisting on setting up companies and branches.

  • Providing good practice in relation to companies holding meetings.

  • Advising directors on authorising dividends and the necessary paperwork.

  • Assist with filling periodic returns and mandatory submissions, such as submission of accounts, annual returns and changes in company’s structure.

  • Preparing and maintaining registers of shareholders, directors and other statutory records.

  • Advising on preparing and amending memorandum and article of association.

  • Advising on accounting reference dates.

  • Providing timely reminders about deadlines for submission of forms and documents.

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