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Corporate Tax Planning: All transactions have tax consequences.

It pays to take some time to think how to keep  

tax to a minimum, not only on certain occasions but as a matter of routine.

Benefits of tax planning: Benefits to all stakeholders

Most business owners want to maximise profit but not at the cost of adverse commercial consequences. Mostly tax planning is done by taking advantage of claims and relief’s. Tax planning is not something just done at prior to the year end but occasions such as investing in a new assets, looking at exiting a business or thinking of buying a new business. We at Avery Clifton will sit down with you to work out how the pieces can fit together in the most commercially viable and profitable way.

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What’s involved

Tax planning involves reviewing the company’s position- not just at prior to the end of the year but continuously throughout the year. Having a set of up to date management accounts and a projection of major investments for the future helps. Where such information is not available or complete, tax planning can still bring valuable benefits to the table.

How Avery Clifton can assist you

  • Advise on how profit/loss can be increased legally and the methods that can be used to achieve it.

  • Review sector specific allowances and reliefs to ensure they are being claimed.

  • Capital and revenue treatment- ensure expenditure is being treated correctly.

  • Reducing tax on disposal of assets and maximising relief on acquiring assets.

  • Ensure VAT Scheme is appropriate for the business.

  • Ensure paperwork is up to date to avoid protracted negotiations with HMRC in case of enquiry.

  • Tax efficient salary- ensure overall tax burden of withdrawing funds from business is tax efficient.

  • Tax Structure- review current structure to ensure you are trading in the most tax efficient vehicle.

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Our solutions for businesses and individuals

Our aim is to pro-actively work with you to reduce your tax bill legally, increase profitablity and increase the value of your business. Our motto is we work for you, as opposed to HMRC. We cater for all from situations where you require an outsourced finance director to where you require someone to provide ad hoc services.

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