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Non UK resident individuals

Are you affected by the new statutory residency rules?

Why is it relevant?

International issues are becoming very important due to an increasing number of people moving from country to country. Arriving and leaving the UK can lead to tax complexities and it is essential advice is taken before any such moves.

Avery Clifton Reading Chartered Accountants

Statutory Residency Test: don’t I just count the days anymore?

The new residency rules which came into effect from 6 April 2013, have made the “count the day” rule for determining UK residency redundant. Instead HMRC have imposed a complex set of rules, ties and connections criteria. In light of these new statutory residency rules, non UK resident and non UK domiciled individuals should review their affairs to see whether they inadvertently fall into the category of being UK resident when they previously were not.

How Avery Clifton can assist you

  • Undertake a detailed review of your circumstances to ascertain your tax status.

  • Advise on arriving/leaving the UK.

  • Advise on treatment of income, benefits and expenses when seconded to the UK.

  • Undertaking a review of your affairs from an Inheritance Tax perspective.

  • Assist with obtaining a visa to settle in the UK.

  • Advise and assist on renting your property through non resident landlord scheme.

  • Our associates Eastmans Chambers can provide legal advise on UK tax, immigration and family matters.

  • Review your affairs to identify areas which could benefit from tax planning opportunities.

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