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Value Added Solutions

Nearly all accountants say they add value which is great news for the client. However most of them don’t say how they do this, which can make the phrase value added meaningless.

Our value added services can benefit your business to make more profitable and successful, what ever the size of the business. These services include:

  • Year End Review: A comprehensive review of  your financial statements and reports, discussing the impact of certain transactions on the profitability of the business, making recommendations and discussing timing issues.

  • Interim  ReviewReviewing and discuss your management accounts and acting as your virtual finance director

  • Dividend PlanningThis involves reviewing accounts to see whether dividends can be paid out, preparing the meeting minutes and maintaining the dividend paper trail.

  • The Individual Balance Sheet: This report provides an instant snapshot of your worth. Useful for planning for the future.

  • Internal Control Review: Reviewing your existing accounting controls and providing you with a report with recommendations for improving.

  • Benchmarking: This service measures your business against others in the industry, undertaking a SWOT analysis (strength, weaknesses, opportunities and strengths.

  • Business PlansWe can assist with your business plans, ensuring all the necessary documentation is ready including cashflow forecasts, profit forecasts, marketing, finance.

  • Systems Review. We’ll review your existing accounting and control systems and make recommendations for improvement.

  • Legal Services: If you require assistance with a legal matter or require expert advice on the feasibility of a legal action, our associates Eastmans Chambers will be able to assist. With over 15 years in the legal sector and 35 years in the business sector, they have a wealth of experience.

 Why not speak to us on 0118 907 9224 to arrange a free, non obligatory meeting to find out more about how we can assist you.

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