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Value Added Tax: Compliance and Advisory

VAT is one of the biggest burdens for businesses

What’s involved

Value Added Tax is a complex area of taxation. With changes being made to legislation constantly, businesses often  unintentionally over or under pay VAT. This is where Avery Clifton can come in, providing expertise to assist you in being compliant and providing VAT planning opportunities.

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Benefits: Claiming back VAT on all possible expenses

There are automatic penalties if a business makes VAT errors, unless it can show it took due care. Engaging an expert to take care of your VAT shows that the business took steps to take reasonable care. We can offer an extensive service covering all aspects of VAT from registration, preparing and submitting returns to ensure you are compliant with legislation. We work for you, as opposed to HMRC so will assist in claiming back VAT on all possible expenses.

How Avery Clifton can assist you

  • Detailed discussion of the profitability of your business is standard when preparing VAT returns.

  • Undertaking all VAT compliance work such as VAT returns and claims.

  • Dealing with VAT aspect when overtaking a business and on incorporating from sole trader to limited company.

  • Applying for VAT registrations and de-registrations.

  • Managing VAT cashflow and advising on appropriateness of VAT Scheme.

  • Representing you and negotiating with HMRC in case of a VAT investigation into the affairs of your business.

  • Undertaking VAT health checks and more detailed reviews of your business before submission of your VAT return.

  • Reminding you of all deadlines, reducing the chance of your business incurring penalties.

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Our solutions for businesses and individuals

Our aim is to pro-actively work with you to reduce your tax bill legally, increase profitablity and increase the value of your business. Our motto is we work for you, as opposed to HMRC. We cater for all, from situations where you require an outsourced finance director to where you require someone to provide ad hoc services.

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