A poll of 600 small businesses has revealed 32% of small business owners find hiring new staff as the most stressful task they have to deal with.

Other tasks which affect the stress levels of a business are:

  •  31% stated moving business premises
  • 27% stated handling finances
  • 19% stated dealing with staff absences
  • 13% stated dealing with customer complaints

The stress of moving business premises

The research by E.ON found three quarters of small and medium-sized companies delay moving premises because of the stress. In addition, small businesses have lost on average of 7.5 working days due to moving premises.

The findings from the research revealed the actual cost of moving and upgrading, as well as the losses caused due to disruption of business came out as £40,000, over a five year period, or 2.5% of their annual turnover.

This hassle, as seen by small business owners has lead to more than 75% of small businesses delaying moving, have to compromise with “cramped, dilapidated, expensive or inefficient buildings”.

Comments from business owners included worrying about the cost of moving, not knowing where to start and being unable to deal with transferring service providers.

Comments from E.ON

The business energy director, Anthony Ainsworth at E.ON stated:

“To hear that more than three quarters of SMEs are staying in potentially inappropriate premises because moving is considered just too hard is surprising. The disruptions businesses face are a very real barrier to relocation and possible future growth.”

E.ON has released some tips on making sure small businesses have a stress free move. Their suggestions include:

  • Making regular visits to the site with other members of staff, so all are aware of the layout and visualise where assets can be placed.
  • Ensure utilities are working and all current services providers and contacted to provide up to date details.
  • When leaving a premises, always obtain final gas meter readings and the date they were taken. Having photographic evidence helps in case of a dispute.
  • Ensure you have opening meter readings for the new premises and the date they were given.